Best Foods To Eat Before Going Out Drinking


Low-fat Yogurt

What may seem like a wimpy snack actually has a powerful punch. Low-fat yogurt contains macronutrients, and if you drop some granola in there, you’ll have carbs, protein, and fat all in the palm of your hand. Yogurt also takes longer to digest (up to 6 hours) and will coat your stomach for your evening shenanigans.




Hummus is an easy go-to for a quick snack while pre-gaming. It’s packed with all three macronutrients and can help keep you upright throughout the night.


Protein isn’t just important when you’re hitting the gym. It has been found that protein-rich foods slow how fast your blood alcohol level increases, letting you pace yourself through the night.



One of the reasons behind a two-day hangover is due to alcohol depleting your vitamin B-12 levels. You know what has a whole gosh darn mess of vitamin B-12? That’s right, yummy delicious salmon. There’s a huge link between brain performance and vitamin B-12, so slam that salmon and stay sharp.




If you’re gearing up for some day drinking, cereals like Grape-Nuts and All-Bran have high fiber that provide a buffer and slow the absorption of alcohol.




Quinoa is not only delicious, but also nutritious and slows down your stomach’s emptying time. Food in your stomach means that you don’t get surprise drunk, so this should be a key element to dinner before any successful night on the town.




After the dam breaks, you’ll be finding yourself hitting the bathroom more than normal during a night of drinking. Other than having to wait in line, another major problem is loss of potassium with frequent urination. Luckily, milk is high in potassium which can help offset the loss which can help with your bodies regulation of chemicals.




The age old question of which came first? The shots or the beer? If you make breakfast for dinner, it won’t matter. Eggs have are loaded with amino acids that are needed to help break down the alcohol.




If you slam some guacamole along with your bottomless margaritas, the avocado is packed with healthy fats which are digested more slowly than carbs.



According to nutritionists, alcohol changes how your body stores glycogen which can leave you with low energy after a night of drinking. Luckily, carbs help stabilize your glycogen levels and get you ready for that blackout marathon.

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