Big Green Egg Review: Functions and Versatility as a Grill 

Few gourmet meals compare in fun and flavor to any barbecued dish. Millions of people grill outdoors every year, and the perfect meal has as much to do with what equipment people use as it does with what they cook. One equipment choice that continues to gain popularity is the Big Green Egg. It is a stylish cooker and much different from all other grills.

Unique in Appearance

When reviewing a Big Green Egg grill, it is necessary to note that this grill does not look like most charcoal grills or resemble a gas version in any manner. Instead, it matches its name, an egg-shaped grill in a deep green color. The grills sell alone or with a wheeled base called a nest. The choice allows people to install them in an outdoor kitchen for fixed-place use or to use them as a portable grill they can roll out as needed.

Inspired by History

The design of the Big Green Egg is not strictly about aesthetics. It is a Kamado-style cooker inspired by traditional Japanese wood and charcoal Kamado ovens. The stoves were traditionally made of clay but eventually upgraded to ceramic. The modern versions also use ceramic for efficiency and heat retention. The shape provides a roomy interior for meal sizes that would require much larger gas grills to complete.

Versatile in Use

The Egg has exceptional temperature control for cooking an extensive menu of foods. It can warm food at 150 degrees or sear steaks at 600+ degrees. The long burning coals and heat retention of the interior enable food to smoke for 18 hours without adding more coals. The Egg comes in different sizes, so it appeals to singles, families, and those who love to host massive at-home BBQ events.

The Egg also offers many accessories like a ceramic plate called the ConvEGGtor that enables indirect, convection-style cooking or smoking. Another popular add-on is the wireless temperature control operated by smartphones. The built-in temperature gauge makes it easy to monitor for accuracy.

The Big Green Egg sells through smaller independent distributors, even when ordered directly from the company website. The distributors offer assembly and assist with set-up after delivery to help new owners to become more familiar with the product. The Big Green Egg has a comprehensive website with instructions. The site also offers many tips and recipes. Many of the contributions come from Eggheads, the self-chosen name of the devoted fans of the grill. To see the extent of the love these followers have, check the website for their consistently updated list of nationwide festivals dedicated to the grill.

Complicated for Some

A downside for some users is that the Egg works differently than most other grills. It burns lump charcoal that users light without flammable liquid. Lighter fluid will damage the ceramic interior. The grill takes longer to light and warm than other grills, but it also stays hot much longer. Those who store their Egg will need to wait several hours for them to cool enough to transport. The heat retention, heaviness, and potential fragility of the interior ceramic prevent it from being a convenient beach or camping grill.

The Egg may not appeal to those who prefer something familiar and user-friendly that takes no effort to learn. The Big Green Egg is best for those who want an attractive, adaptable, and efficient grill and are willing to learn how to use it.

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