Bitter Beginnings: 40 Epic Comebacks from Life’s Lemons

Dive into the zesty anthology of resilience, where 40 souls share their journeys of navigating through life’s orchards, where lemons don’t just fall—they hurl themselves like meteorites.

“I opened a fortune cookie today… My dad passed away four years ago.”

“Ate 4 big pieces in the dark last night and couldnt see it, how dead am I?”

“Went to top off my wiper fluid and found this”

“My brother’s visiting, I made foccacia & told him to take a bite while it’s warm and I came back to this monstrosity”

“Spent 1.5 hours cooking.. dropped a bowl and covered it in glass splinters…”

“Put a bag of chili in the freezer and now it’s stuck in there”

“My insurance ended up backing out of my duel colonoscopy and endoscopy.”

“Just about to eat the last piece of chicken before I noticed this.”

“Found this in my cheerios.”

“This was a Tesla”

“Paid almost 1k to fix my car last week and today my blinker broke.”

“Looked out the window to see a squirrel taking one of the Easter eggs I had hidden for my kids”

“Built a den in an old building last summer and yesterday the neighbours kids came and trashed the place”

“This is my 2nd set of iPods that I have idiotically left in my pockets and washed. Please mock me.”

“Customer said their bathroom fan wasn’t working.”

“Ordered these shoes online, came with bonus security tag…”

“I spilled water all over me when driving”


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