Bizarre Regional Pizzas For International Cheese Pizza Day

The United States is home to some remarkable pizza choices, and today is the day to savor them all—unless you happen to reside in one of these 10 areas.

2. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania pizza as a whole is not too bad, but it is home to Altoona style; which means draping your pizza with sliced American cheese. Italians around the world are rolling over in their graves.

3. Alabama

Barbeque chicken pizza with Alabama white sauce; a mayo-based tangy sauce. Could be good… just not with pizza.

4. Rhode Island

The Rhode Island pizza strip is an embarrassment to pizza everywhere. Is it even pizza, or just tomato sauce bread? You might as well order some bruschetta.

5. Delaware

Grotto Pizza is a Delaware Maryland chain that puts its sauce in a spiral pattern. Maybe just spread it around like everybody else?

6. Ohio

As with most things Ohio, this doesn’t make much sense. Ohio Valley style pizza comes with hot cooked dough and sauce, designed to heat the cheese and toppings on its own. The thing is… it doesn’t.

7. Florida

Cuban Pizza can be found in Miami and is categorized by its thicker sweet crust. Just don’t expect any quality.

8. Hawaii

The answer is no. You know the question.

9. Iowa

Iowa pizza essentially means gas station pizza. Does it even have enough identity to warrant a spot on this list? Maybe not.

10. California

Get your crazy toppings, and stereotypical holistic diet ingredients ready. California pizza will deliver whatever you want… except the rich cheesy bread goodness that makes pizza worth eating.

11. Connecticut

New Haven style just means tomato sauce, and finely grated cheese. It might not be gross, but at least show some effort!

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