Burst into Tears


  1. So sad….
    hopefully the empire rises again soon…

  2. Nice art………!

  3. Cool art…

    Soendoro Soetanto

  4. Where is the original art from? Who made it?

  5. They were just a bunch of clones!


  6. Clones are people too.

  7. i don’t feel like laughing~

  8. Very offensive as this is taken from the Vietnam Wall in D.C. Very offended indeed!!!

  9. Thomas Wilson NIGGAASSS

    shut up and take a joke vanyel and mieketsai

  10. The clown that made that needs to have his ass kicked from one end of this country to the other.
    This is right up there with the assholes spitting on returning troops that had been in Nam in the late ’60’s.
    Oxygen thieves never die.

  11. I like the original better the emotion is not there for me. Maybe because Vader would kill most of them. If it was Ben and all the jedi I think it would have more emotional weight. I don’t think this is a slight to those that gave there life in Nam just an attempt to link and icon with reality. It also shows that we detach ourselves from the people that die on screen. I can see that some one my think this is an attempt to make villains out of solders by linking them to an evil empire this too was not the idea as we a people do not show villains as human Vader crying and at the same time making him a villain.

    I think this is no where in the ball park as what Jane Fonda did and she is the reason they were spit on the returning troops. Many troops walked into it blindly. The military didn’t tell them it was an unpopular war. They were shielded from names like baby killer and monster but Uncle Sam didn’t give them so much as a heads up! they didn’t make sure that to protect those that protected us and for that they, the military, should have as SFE said, “have (their) ass kicked from one end of this country to the other.”

  12. @ducky: there are so many grammar mistakes in those two paragraphs. I have NO idea what you even said.

  13. this picture clearly shows that Vader is also human, and that some human’s on this website are too sensitive.

  14. Seriously?! Someone takes a monument and puts a pop culture spin on it. This isn’t the artist insulting the monument, it a funny look into what an Imperial war memorial could look like and how Vader might have reacted. The artist clearly thought the Vietnam monument was strongest way of communicating this idea. This imitation as flattery in the sincerest form.

    Granted, I can see this as insensitive and inappropriate, but if you aren’t American and don’t realize what this is based on, all you will see is a clever, out-of-context portrayal of Vader and the Imperials. This is proof that while it can be easily and rightfully viewed as a rude, inconsiderate violation of something people consider sacred and meaningful, it was not done with that intent. So lets try to keep things in perspective.

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