Buy All Of These “Costco” Facts!

Costco runs 762 warehouses around the world–as of this moment.

They are located in 11 countries around the world including some in Japan, Mexico, and Korea.

The US and Canada regions represent 87% of total net sales and 83% of total operating income in 2018.

California holds special significance, as California operations generated 30% of its US net sales in 2018.

The average Costco sprawls across 145,000 square feet, and the newer warehouses are supposedly larger on average.

In total, there is 110.7 million square feet of operating floor space at Costcos around the globe, with 77.5 million square feet in the US and 13.9 million square feet in Canada

Costco also runs 567 gas stations around the world.

Costco members are satisfied with the retailer. In the US, Costco has a 90% membership-renewal rate.

In 2018, Costco employed a labor force of 245,000 full-time and part-time workers.

And did you know that he apple pie from “American Pie” was reportedly bought at a Costco? Yes, it’s true.

Also, Costco is the largest importer of high-end French wines.

Costco’s lead wine buyer, Annette Alvarez-Peters, is considered one of the most powerful wine buyers in the world.

So…do you have your Costco membership card yet?

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