Wednesday , 18 September 2019


Smiling Babies

When Sandi Ford first started doing Newborn Photography, she noticed that when she was doing a normal newborn session, the baby would occasionally let out these huge grins – so infectious and heart melting! Nowadays, she has learned to recognize …

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Playful illustrations

Maria Jose Da Luz and is an illustrator from Costa Rica. This is her collection of children drawings from photo references with a twist of cuteness and imagination.

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Happy New Year 2015

Anyway, may 2015 be better than 2014, may all your wishes come true and may love, health and money be present in your life as never before.

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Friendship Between A Little Girl And Her Cat

We Are The Same But Different “We Are The Cats” – Photographer Andy Prokher took this amazing picture of his daughter, Katherine (Kat), and her best friend and pet, Lilu. We love it because you immediately see the love between …

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7 Ways Your Birth Season Affects Your Personality

What Season Where You Born In (Part 1) 1. Affects Your Neurotransmitters The season in which you were born can greatly influence your neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin at birth, which can carry into adult life. These neurotransmitters are responsible for …

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