Sunday , 10 November 2019


IKEA Just Fixed The Biggest Problem With IKEA Furniture

IKEA’s furniture has a reputation for being stylish and practical, but also immensely difficult to assemble. After several years of brainstorming and creating, they may have finally solved the problem, and now they’re introducing furniture that’s stronger and simpler than …

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Guy Makes An Awesome Bottle Cap Bar Top

“Friends and family saved their caps for 5+ years specifically for this project. These are beer caps from domestics, craft & import.” “Basically tried to bucket them into ROYGBIV. I have no idea how many, but this took a bit …

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Woman Covers Her Entire Floor In Pennies

This woman took $130 in pennies, and used 10 bottles of elmer’s glue to stick them to her floor. She says that while she was putting the floor together one of her dogs kept coming into the room and pooping …

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