Celebrities Don’t Always Have The Brightest Tattoo Ideas

Zac Efron’s lower side-hand (is that a body part?) “YOLO” tat:

David Beckham’s “Brooklyn” tramp stamp.

Mark Wahlberg’s big-ass tattoo of his name and initials.

Christina Aguilera’s reminder to her neck that her name is “Xtina.”

Angelina Jolie’s “know your rights” tat.

Helen Mirren’s lil “X” thing.

Ed Sheeran’s giant lion chest tat.

And Ed Sheeran’s ketchup tat.

Susan Sarandon’s spinal tat.

Rihanna’s “Shhh…” tat.

Also Lindsay Lohan’s “Shhh…” tat.

Marc Anthony’s “Jennifer” as in Jennifer Lopez tattoo.

Jessica Alba’s bow.

Jenny Aniston’s “Norman” side-foot tat.

Lindsay Lohan’s “I restore myself when I’m alone” tat.

Kelly Clarkson’s puzzle piece tat.

Louis Tomlinson’s little skater thing tat.

Adele has an “A” behind her ear.

James Franco’s big-ass Elizabeth Taylor head tat.

Kesha’s palm tat.

Jamie Foxx’s head tat.

Miley “Love” ear tat.

Nick Jonas’ random “Mercy” tat.

Rihanna’s 1988, the year she was born, tattoo.

Katy Perry’s “Jesus” wrist tat.

And Benji Madden’s giant Benjaman Franklin tat.

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