Celebs Regularly Practice Their Art Of Photobombing

Jennifer Lawrence won that Oscar for a reason.

Prince Harry is a King… of photobombing.

Apparently photobombing runs in the family.

Can I have a photobomb like this one too?

“My friend tried to secretly snap a picture Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield eating dinner — here’s the result.”

Rihanna definitely made this photo better.

The perks of being friends with George Clooney

Must’ve been terrifying to see Arya Stark behind you.

Jake Gyllenhaal is a photobomb pro.

This is what brothers are for.

These 2 are just incredible.

Pretty Little… photobomb.

Tom Hanks photobombed Elisabeth and Ryan’s wedding photoshoot.

James Harden keeps up with the Kardashians.

Neil Patrick Harris ruined a perfect family photo.


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