Chances of Dying Unnaturally

All your life there have been people telling you to get off your rump and go live it to the fullest. Well, that’s easy for them to say. There is a lot of scary shit out there. I mean, at least you’ll live a long, albeit somewhat boring and sad life, in your mother’s basement—locked away from unnatural dangers. Next time someone accuses you of being a hermit, show them these statistics of chances of dying unnaturally, and make them a comfy place in the corner to sleep.

Walking! This is all the reason you need to ignore your health nut friends who want you to get outside.

Chances you’ll die of embarrassment after falling down stairs at school 1:1

Bad dog!

Stay safe out there tonight!

How’d those odds work out for the dinosaurs?

It is ID:4 after all…

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