Thursday , 24 January 2019

China is building giant vertical forests to help with pollution

China has a serious pollution problem. In many cities, the atmosphere is so clogged with burning fuel, a thick smog hovers in the air.

But revolutionary “vertical forests” will help freshen things up. They also look rad as hell.

The Nanjing Towers, designed by Italian architect Stefano Boe, will be completed in 2018. The surfaces of the overgrown towers are covered in 2,500 shrubs and over 1,000 trees, churning out around 132 pounds of oxygen everyday.

Will that help make any significant difference in China’s rapidly-increasing pollution problem? I have no idea! I just like posting cool pictures, man.

The balconies offer gorgeous views of lush, sprawling forests towering over an otherwise industrial cityscape.

The taller tower contains a museum, a rooftop club, a green architecture school, and offices, while the smaller tower will house a 247-room Hyatt hotel and a rooftop pool.

Boe has designed a similar project set to be be built Lausanne, Switzerland:

And two of his vertical forests have already been built in Milan, Italy, so you can see what they look like IRL:


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