Choosing Between Your Pet And Your Partner

A saying goes that if you want to taste true, unconditional love and loyalty, try a pet. A dog is man’s best friend, after all. Human relationships are prone to seasons where you may be mad or frustrated with each other and even end up severing ties. However, once a pet loves you, that love is infinite. It explains why there have been often scenarios where someone is forced to choose between a pet and their partner. Below we dissect this matter in detail.

  • The best partners are those who accept you and all the things you love

By the time people get into dating and starting serious relationships, they are usually in their 20s from now on. Someone who has spent two or more decades getting wired in some way and loving certain things may be hard to change. That’s why when you fall in love with someone, you love the entire package – them and all the things that make them tickle. If your partner likes hiking and you don’t, for instance, you can accept that part of them and support their hobbies to see them happy. Trying to get them to stop will lead to resentment and drive your relationship down the drain. If you are crazy about a girl that can’t seem to breathe without touching the fur in cats, it’s either you find a way to love cats too, or just let them be.

  • You might be too different for each other

Compatibility in a relationship doesn’t mean sharing the same hobbies and interests 100%. That would make your twins and not lovers. For instance, it’s nice when a guy is so crazy about a football game on the TV while the lady is busy juggling recipes in the kitchen. Having different passions can be amazing where you get to discover the other person’s world, and you even discover new ones together. However, suppose you can never rhyme anything from the music you like, favorite dishes, travel destinations, and everything else in life. In that case, there reaches a point to accept that you might be too different for each other. If, for instance, you are a dog addict and your partner is used to kicking them all over the place and hurling insults at them, then it might be advisable to walk.

  • How Often People Choose Their Pets Over Their Partners?

Specialists from this site say that for animal lovers who would choose a pet over a partner, their pets are part of who they are, and it’s a way of life they aren’t willing to sacrifice. You will be amazed at how many marriages have broken because one partner felt that the pets were more valued and loved than them. Millennials take the pet love a notch higher, with most of them refusing to rent apartments where pets are restricted. It can be understood seeing how pets are good, non-judging listeners who will love you no matter what. Woe unto you if you hate your partner’s pet, and at some point, you think you will convince them to get rid of the pet for you. Chances are high you will be the one to hit the freeway.

  • Gauging “Pet Compatibility” in Relationships

Suppose you are a pet person, either single or in a serious relationship. In that case, you need to know how to calculate a pet compatibility score with a partner to avoid things getting ugly down the line. It all starts with a deep self-assessment where you ask yourself just how much pets mean to you and whether or not you can live without them. If they are not that important, you should not have a problem being happy with someone who dislikes pets.

However, if you are the kind of person who cannot live without pets, your partner must realize it earlier so you wouldn’t have to choose between a pet and your partner. If a serious relationship where you have been getting along well until a new pet addition came along like a new mate or pups and your partner doesn’t like the new arrangement, you could reach a mutual resolution like having a rescue center adopt the “unwanted” additions.

  • What can you do to avoid this?

The best thing is to be upfront from the word go with someone you like about your pet interests. If you have already discovered that you can never make it without pets, let your partner know from the start. Find out if they have ever owned pets before or if they would like to in the future. If, for instance, they grew up in a home where parents restricted pets, and they have no clue how it feels, let them hang around your pet and see how it goes. If someone clarifies that they can never live around the cats and dogs you adore, then that’s a warning sign that you should walk.

Pets form a fundamental part of human existence. The love, joy, and companionship that they offer are irresistible. If you are a pet lover, watch out for the people that you go out with so that you don’t have to find yourself choosing between a pet and a partner down the line.

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