Claim Your Oscar With These Leonardo DiCaprio Facts

Leonardo DiCaprio was cast in the title role in The Good Shepherd, but he dropped out to play Billy Costigan in The Departed.

Leonardo DiCaprio called his one-on-one scene with Jack Nicholson in The Departed, “one of the most memorable moments of my life.”

DiCaprio said that knowing Mark Wahlberg since their time working together on Basketball Diaries made it easier to “rough each other up” in The Departed.

Studios wanted Matthew McConaughey to play Jack in Titanic, but James Cameron insisted on having Leonardo DiCaprio play the role.

When DiCaprio smashes his hand on the dinner table in Django Unchained, he accidentally crushed a small stemmed glass with his palm and really began to bleed. He ignored it, and stayed in character. Tarantino was so impressed that he used this take in the final film.

Leonardo DiCaprio played the part of Arnie so well in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, that when he showed up for the film’s premiere, many people were shocked and astonished to learn that the young actor was not actually mentally disabled.

While filming What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, animal protection agents were on-set to monitor the well-being of the grasshopper Arnie decapitates in the letterbox. However, Leonardo DiCaprio ended up killing it accidentally.

The Great Gatsby costars – Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire – have actually been real-life friends since childhood.

DiCaprio said that during the Quaalude scene in The Wolf of Wall Street, it took them 70 takes just to get the ham to stick to his face. This was achieved by flicking the ham off a spoon and using KY jelly in order to make it sticky enough.

Leonardo DiCaprio was originally approached to star in Steve Jobs but dropped out to do The Revenant instead.

DiCaprio says The Revenant was the hardest performance of his career. For the role, he learned to build fires, speak two Native American languages (Pawnee and Arikara), learned how to perform ancient healing techniques, and ate a raw slab of bison’s liver (even though he is vegetarian).

In preparation for his role as Howard Hughes in The Aviator, DiCaprio spent time with an O.C.D. patient named Edward. He advised him on several aspects of the condition, in particular, the tendency to repeat sentences over and over, as in the scene where Hughes repeatedly asks to see the blueprints for the Hercules.

Producers Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas said that Leonardo DiCaprio was their ONLY choice for the role of Cobb in Inception.

In Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character mentions that “Extradition between France and the United States is a bureaucratic nightmare”. This is a reference to Catch Me If You Can when DiCaprio’s character is arrested in France and later extradited to the US.

Until he saw the results of Leonardo DiCaprio’s work, the real Frank Abagnale, Jr. didn’t think DiCaprio was “suave” enough to play him Catch Me If You Can.

Titanic remains Leonardo DiCaprio’s highest grossing movie ever, earning $2.2 Billion. Second is Inception ($825 Million) and third is The Revenant ($526 Million).



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