Classical Paintings Are Getting A Geeky Makeover And It’s Better Than The Original

Classical art is beautiful to look at, but some of us have a hard time relating to it. A digital artist on Tumblr named Lothlenan is changing that by turning some of fine art’s most timeless pieces into geeky fantasy settings. So far, they’ve revamped 7 tableaux, inspired by fandoms like Sailor Moon, Adventure Time, and The Legend of Zelda. It’s amazing how century-old paintings take on such a modern feel when combined with elements of Anime!

“Woman With A Parasol” By Claude Monet

“The Accolade” By Edmund Leighton

The Scream (of Nature) By Edvard Munch

“A Portrait Of Louis Xiv” By Hyacinthe Rigaud

“The Swing” By Jean-Honore Fragonard

“Lovers On A Swing” By Pierre Auguste

“Self Portrait With Her Daughter” By Madame Le Brun

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