Construction Inspectors’ Unpleasant Discoveries

Embark on a journey through the unexpected as we delve into the world of construction inspectors and the unsettling surprises they encounter.

“This Will Not Last Another Rainstorm”

“Hillside Failures Have Filled Our Schedules, But There Will Always Be Room For Floating Post And Piers In Our Hearts”

“During The Heavy Rainstorm, This Parking Garage Experienced Water Intrusion Which Caused Extensive Flooding. Without An Effective Drainage System, The Water Had Nowhere To Escape, Leading To The Flooding Of The Entire Garage. According To The Owners, Before The Water Was Cleared Out All The Cars Were Floating And Hitting The Ceiling”

“Although The Piles “Supporting” This Home’s Deck May Look Impressive, They Were Installed Illegally And Without Permits. When Building Foundations, Especially For Hillside Homes, It Is Critical For It To Be Designed And Installed In Compliance With Building Codes And Regulations. Failing To Do So Can Result In Serious Safety Hazards, Including Potential Collapse”

“When The Hillside Failed In Front Of This Home, It Brought Their Retaining Wall With It. This Wall Was A Non-Conforming Retaining Wall As It Was Not Permitted. Could Have Been One Of The Reasons Why It Didn’t Do So Well During The Storm”

“This Home Is Suffering From A Severe Case Of Fungus Growth Inside The Crawlspace. The Amount Of Fungus That Has Spread Across The Joists And Girder Can Potentially Be A Serious Issue For The Homeowners. We’ve Found A New Addition For Props On “The Last Of Us.” Mold Of Any Type Can Cause Respiratory Problems And Other Health Issues. If Left Untreated, It Can Weaken The Home’s Foundation And Cause Other Issues As It Spreads To Other Areas Of The Home”

“When Nature Decides It’s Time For A Convertible…”

“I Guess It’s Not Protocol To Double-Check Your Work. The Urfp Is Meant To Connect The Sill Plate To The Foundation Wall. It Strengthens The Connection During An Earthquake. This Is Doing Nothing”

“This Walkway Was Completely Undermined During A Slope Failure. We Guess They Now Have A Cantilevered Pathway”

“Another Assessment Day, Another Failed Retaining Wall”

“This Home’s Retaining Wall Completely Gave Way And Fell Down The Hillside. When Not Built To Code, Retaining Walls Can Collapse And Cause A Lot Of Damage To Not Only The Homeowner’s Property, But To Adjacent Properties. We Are Curious To Know Where The Wall Would’ve Ended Up If The Tree Didn’t Hold The Very End Of It. Here You Can See Just How Massive The Retaining Wall Is. The Damage That Could’ve Happened To The Homes Below Is Worrisome”

“When We Heard, “Falling Apart At The Seams,” We Didn’t Think It’d Be This Literal. When Your Home Is Showing Signs Of Possible Foundation Issues, It’s Important To Have Your Home Inspected And Repaired In A Timely Manner. Small Issues Can Lead To Bigger Issues Such As Water Damage, Pest Infestations, And Even Severe Structural Damage To The Home. This Makeshift Pier In A Crawlspace Is Not A Safe Or Effective Way To Support The Structure Of A Home. Properly Installed Posts Should Be Made Of Durable Materials And Securely Fastened To A Concrete Footing”

“You Can See The Extent Of The Damage And Where The Front Of The Wall Ended Up After The Storm Passed”

“Sometimes We Drive By Buildings We Wish We Had Been Called Out To”

“This Three-Story Apartment Building With A Store Front On The First Floor Was Severely Damaged When A Drunk Driver Crashed Into It. Although The Impact Caused Extensive Structural Damage, The Store Remains Open”

“Walking Inside The Home We Can See The Damage Is Extensive. The Garage Is Riddled With Cracks. You Can See Portions Of The Slab Sinking. This 7-Inch Crack Is Showing Severe Signs Of Differential Settlement, Meaning Portions Of The Foundation Are Sinking At A Greater Rate. Foot Added For Reference”

“When The Hillside Wants To Join The Party But Accidentally Brings The Whole Neighborhood Along For The Ride”

“The Dirt Was Washed Away In The Recent Rainstorm And Left The Swale Unsupported. Without The Proper Components, The Swale Can No Longer Function As Intended And Is Allowing The Water To Flow Directly To The Retaining Wall. Would Have Definitely Used That As A Slide If It Was Around When We Were Kids”

“Is This Post Floating? The Homeowners Not Only Have To Deal With The Effects Of A Bad Foundation Pour But They Also Have Mold Now”

“Last Week’s Heavy Rainstorm Caused This Crawl Space To Flood Entirely, Leaving Standing Water And The Risk Of Potential Water Damage, Mold Growth, Foundation Damage, And Structural Instabilty”


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