Cool App That Can Transform You Into A Cartoon Character

Two programmers and AI enthusiasts, Justin Pinkney and Doron Adler, have just created a new mind-bending “toonification” system that basically turns your portrait into a cute cartoon character. Thanks to deep learning, the algorithm fine-tunes the original face and blends it with a cartoon model, keeping the identities the same, but the features cartoonish.

Hayao Miyazaki

Chadwick Boseman

Tim Allen

Kate Mulgrew

Kate Winslet

Gal Gadot

Dwayne Johnson

Hiroyuki Sanada

Emma Stone

Sonequa Martin-Green

Ryan Gosling

Scarlett Johansson

Johnny Depp

Leonardo Dicaprio

Michelle Yeoh

Tessa Thompson

“A Monk With A Book”

Keanu Reeves

Robert Deniro

Will Smith

Ken Watanabe

Idris Elba

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