Cool House That Was Built Entirely Out Of 12 Shipping Containers

This beautiful house was built using shipping containers

“Elevated with grandeur, on top of the north facing site of 6,221 square metres, the main home incorporates twelve shipping containers as part of its detailed construction and really does have an attractive commanding presence,” the house listing on Trade Me reads.

It started off like this

The main house (the residence also includes a small cottage and a garage) was built using 12 shipping containers. For those interested in how much the project could cost, Refresh Renovations writes that a shipping container alone could set you back somewhere from $3,000 to $10,000.

“The main home incorporates twelve shipping containers as part of its detailed construction”

“Designed with an industrial scale and theme, the open plan living areas feature a high atrium that houses a significant and prominent staircase interlinking the second-storied living spaces. Natural light is prevalent throughout the dwelling that features individual living zones, up to six bedrooms, three toilets, three bathrooms, and polished concrete floors to complete the industrial theme,” the description of the house reads.

The designers of the house went for an industrial style

The house also has a pool in its front yard

“The pool design provides an infinity effect from the large north deck, accessed by a glass automatic door of the largest proportion,” the sellers write.

While the space inside is open and lets in a lot of light

“Clever design elements through this space provide a view corridor all the way through the ground floor to the neighbouring lake area contributing to the spatial grandeur. Intricate bespoke lighting, quality bathroom tiling and a wood burning fire are just a small fraction of the form and content on offer that only can be appreciated by viewing.”

The listing reads that there are up to 6 bedrooms in the house

Together with three toilets and three bathrooms

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