Couple posts the same picture with different captions and it says so much about the sexes

On Sunday, Twitter user Bellafornia uploaded two photos with the caption, “My post vs my boyfriends.” Bellafornia and her boyfriend posted the same photos on Instagram but with completely different captions. Her tweet current has about 200,000 likes causing other couples to join in on the fun.

Her Caption: “Always a blast w my bff”

His Caption: “Sitting here tying to explain football to this uncultured swine.”

Her Caption: “Lots of love and Ice Cream”

His Caption: “Ice cream isn’t the only thing that makes her scream”

Her Caption: “Sean choked on a piece of cheese stuffed crust the other day and almost died, I’m glad he didn’t”

His Caption: “Mary eats ass”

Her Caption: “thanks for being the best date I could’ve asked for”

His Caption: “Meat sticks or nah?”

Her Caption: “My favorite person.”

His Caption: “Ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli… Love”

Her Caption: “#gameday with my day 1”

His Caption: “I’m my daddy son… and you yo mothers daughter ayyyeeeee”

Her Caption: “I like green and dis boi”

His Caption: “Some green shit”

Her Caption: “because of you, i smile a little bigger and laugh a little longer”

His Caption: Wizard Kelly with the Sky Hook

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