Wednesday , 19 December 2018

Couple Saves A Starving Dog, And Gets A Huge Surprise

Sometimes, when I’m a passenger in a car, driving a long and unchanging route, I stare out the window and just see what wildlife I can see. It looks like Lacey Wheeler is the same way.

She and her partner Audra were driving home from visiting family in Ohio when they saw what they thought was a baby deer on the side of the road. When they got closer, they saw that it was a dog, desperately searching for food.

Immediately, they found the next exit, turned around and went all the way back.

When they got back to the spot, they couldn’t see the dog, but heard hear barking from a nearby ditch/creek. Following the sound, they found her and saw that she looked like she had just given birth.

Even more astounding was that she was leading them to her puppies. There were three of them, just standing in the nearly-frozen water, shivering.

Knowing that the pups and mom couldn’t survive outside much longer, they scooped up the puppies and lured the mom back into the car. Letting them warm up, they decided they couldn’t just leave the dogs behind, so they decided to take the four pups home and care for them as needed.

Given the location that she found the dogs, they suspect that the mother got pregnant and when the puppies were born, they were just dumped. There was no way that she had given birth out there, and no way that the dogs would have even made it past birth. As well, that collar is pretty damn new.

So clearly there’s some shit stain out there who watched his dog have puppies, scooped them all up, and threw them away in the cold. What a dick.

Just look at these guys. The mom is gorgeous and all the puppies are just about the cutest floofers you’ve ever seen.

I can’t fathom how Lacey and Audra wouldn’t just adopt them all. But sadly, they can’t.

All four of them are doing well, and have been named Louie, Cinci and Indy, with the mom called Red. The couple reached out to Columbus Dog Connections to help find fosters for the dogs.

The couple would love to foster all of them themselves, but their own dog unfortunately doesn’t get along with other dogs.

At the moment, the four are happily getting acquainted with love and compassion, with their new foster, and when they’re all old enough, they’ll go out to their forever families.

It’s such a good thing that the Wheelers pulled over, because without them, this story would have a shitty ending. If you’re in the Columbus, OH area and want to be that forever person for one of these guys, reach out to them HERE!


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