The Craziest Ways Celebrities Have Blown Their Money

If spending cash on ridiculous stuff was an olympic sport, these celebs would win a $4.3 million 24k gold medal complete with it’s own WiFi and butler. Here’s the most absurd things famous people have blown their paychecks on.


Johnny Depp Spends $30k Per Month Physically Importing His Wine

In the midst of lawsuits and legal battles with his former managers and business partners, Depp’s extravagant spending has spiraled over the past years.

Between his $18 million yacht, 14 different mansions, 45 high-end luxury cars, 70 ultra-rare guitars, he also spends $30k a month flying in wines from all over the world.



Kim Basinger – An Entire Town

In 1989, Basinger rolled the dice in a real life game of Monopoly and landed on the township of Braselton, Georgia. After purchasing 1,751 of the 2,000 acres of the town for $20 million, she planned to turn it into a tourist attraction and film studio.

In 1995, however, Basinger lost her game of Monopoly and the town was auctioned off after she filed for bankruptcy.



Katy Perry and Russell Brand Go Orbital

During their engagement, Katy Perry bought her then fiance Russell Brand a ticket to space with astronomical price.

Dropping $200,000 for his 35th birthday present, Brand was (and still may be) one of the first to launch into low earth orbit on board Virgin Galactic.



The Nicolas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio $276k Bidding War

What do you buy the man that already stole the Declaration of Independence? A stolen Mongolian dinosaur skull, apparently.

In 2007, Cage got into an all-out bidding war with Leonardo DiCaprio over a 67 million-year-old Tyrannosaurs bataar skull. After securing the skull with a $276,000 winning bid, Cage ultimately had to give it up when it was found to be stolen by a fossil smuggler.



Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey – A Ridiculous Candy-Filled Room

Who needs trick-or-treating when you can just go to your own candy room? Before they separated, Carey and Cannon answered this question by converting a room into something from Willy Wonka for their 6-year-old twins. Sounds like a rad place to be grounded.



Paris Hilton’s Mansion for her Dogs

For the cost of an actual house, Paris Hilton dropped $325,000 on a mini-mansion for her dogs. Complete with a chandelier, balcony, and “designer furniture” these doggos aren’t living a ruff life.



Celine Dion’s $2 Million Battle With Humidity

While in her residency performing at Caesars Palace, Dion had a ridiculously expensive humidifier installed to “preserve her singing voice in the harsh desert climate.” Despite the fact it was installed above the stage in a temperature controlled venue.



Kelly Rowland’s Crystal Bathtub For Infants

When she’s not texting her boyfriend via Microsoft Excel, and getting frustrated he doesn’t text back, Kelly Rowland likes to drop serious cash on gifts.

At Beyoncé’s baby shower, Rowland reportedly spent $5,200 on a Swarovski crystal studded baby bathtub for Blue Ivy. Because that’s a thing you do.



Tamara Ecclestone Also Jumps In The Crystal Bathtub Club

Daughter of billionaire F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone, Tamara shelled out $1.5 million for a crystal bathtub. Now before you drop a bath bomb on her purchase, keep in mind it wasn’t just the tub that was expensive. She also had to reinforce the floor,

“It’s costing £1 million because I’ve got to reinforce the floor and I’ve had to pay for everyone’s travel and the hauling back and polishing of the crystal,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald in 2011.

Ecclestone defended her purchase by further saying, “… I spend a lot of time in the bath so it’s worth it.” Whew, I’m glad she cleared that up!



Magic Johnson – The Burger King

After retiring from sports, Magic Johnson looked for a whopper of an investment. Johnson got it his way when he purchased 30 Burger King franchises in 2004. While this isn’t at all a bad investment, it’s still pretty hilarious.



George Lucas’ Private Fire Department

For a scorching $100 million, Geroge Lucas fought the potential flames at Skywalker Ranch with his own fire dept. To keep the wildfires in check on his property, he employs 12 full-time firefighters as well as a fleet of fire trucks.



Victoria Beckham Needs A Gold-Plated iPhone

When you spend $35,998 gold-plating something, you want to make sure it lasts forever and never goes obsolete. So Victoria Beckham had the stupid idea to gold plate an iPhone.



Lady Gaga’s $50,000 War Against Ghosts

In an expensive battle with the paranormal, Gaga dropped a haunting $50k on an Electro-Magnetic Field Reader to keep ghosts away from her tour bus while traveling.

$50k / 2 = $25k – $23k = $2spooky!



Mike Tyson Buys… Everything

As ridiculous as The Hangover may be, much of the ideas around Mike Tyson in the film are based in reality, or at least past reality.

Tyson’s life has been profiled with eccentric and outrageous purchases, including three Bengal tigers and a $2.2 million 24-karat gold bathtub.

In 2003, Tyson filed for bankrupthcy.


Bono Bought a $1,500 Plane Ticket For His Hat

After arriving in Italy for a charity concert in 2003, Bono made a horrifying discovery. In a truly heart-wrenching moment, he realized he had left his hat back in London.

Knowing he could never give the people a great show with his hair out in the open, he bought a $1,500 plane ticket on British Airways for his hat.

He should have just asked if they’d do it pro bono.

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