Crazy Brother Catfishes His Own Sister To Teach Her A Lesson


Online dating is a gamble. The person you’re talking to could be sharing pictures of themselves from 20 years ago, 20 pounds ago, or just straight up catfishing you.

When one man realized his 17-year-old sister was using Tinder, he used the art of the catfish to teach her a lesson.

The guy realized his underage sister was on Tinder, but decided to ‘have some fun with it’ instead of telling their parents right away. Seems like a classic case of sibling rivalry to me.

It does seem dangerous for an underage girl to be using the app and lying about her age. Who knows what could happen, and also it’s not exactly fair to the men she’s lying to either. However, the rest of the story doesn’t paint the brother as a saint.

Well that’s one way to handle things. Along with his friends, people shared their opinions on the situation.

There are a lot of ways this could’ve been handled that might have had different outcomes. What would you have done?


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