Crazy Hookup Calls

I’ve been out of the dating game for quite some time now, so stories like this remind me that I did the right thing and settled down. This shit is insane.

This guy here, has the chance for a hookup, but luckily enough remembers that he promised his buddy some help. I’d buy that friend all the beer in the world and pledge my undying servitude for saving him from what could have befallen him. He might have never been seen again, had he met up with this craziest of crazy chicks.

Don’t believe me. Protect your balls and read on.

But once he remembers he’s got prior plans, she lets loose a stream of crazy that goes to a whole new level.

The homophobia and colourful language doesn’t phase me. It’s these numbers and letters.

What the fuck are with these? Is she so fucking crazy that she’s smashing her phone against her face and hitting send?

Stay classy Ariel.

Dude didn’t doge A bullet. he dodged them all, like fucking Neo.

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