Crazy Japanese Sex Guide From The 60’s

Honestly, though, this looks pretty tame for Japan, even if it was 60 years ago.

Once you’ve gotten the proper hand-holding technique down, then it’s on to locking arms.

How to groom each other? This has taken a sharp turn. Go back! Go back!

Ah, here we go. How to perform “cute facial touching” or something like that. I hate this s@#t, but chic’s probably dig it.

Well s@#t, this just went 0-20 in a school zone real damn quick. How to fondle the belly button.

How to properly slide into second base. Or “fluffing the dirty pillows” as I like to call it.

Ma’am, if you touch my d@#k like it’s a test tube, I’m liable to exhale strongly through my nose in disgust and allow you to continue!

Aw yiss, really freaky naughty. Here are some sex positions where the mannequin hovers like my hand in pictures with hot girls.

And there you have it, boys and…. well yeah, hopefully just boys. You’re all ready to do the sex now!

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