Crazy Prom Dress Nightmare Story

“Wanted to share a story that happened to me when I was an assistant manager for a then popular retail store that sold junior clothes and prom dresses. Prom dress season was in full swing and we had mom’s and daughters coming in left and right. Our prom dresses ranged anywhere from $60 to $450.”

“One day I was manning the fitting rooms when a mom and daughter brought up one of the most expensive dresses we had. Covered in rhinestones, boosted sweetheart necklace, full Cinderella body, the whole nine. The daughter tries it on and comes out and is telling her mom this is the one. The mom asked how much it is, and the daughter tells her.”

“Mom isn’t happy. She tries to talk the daughter in to one of the other dresses they’ve tried on that’s more affordable. Now you can tell at this point the daughter is not use to being told no and starting arguing. Arguing turns into shouted whispers, then turns into just shouting. The daughter says she’s not taking the dress off, and that her mom was to buy it no if ands or buts. The mom refuses.”

“So you know what the spoiled brat did? SHE PISSED IN THE DRESS. Dead @$$ serious, no joke. Stood there and peed in the dress so her mom would have to buy it. I’m sitting there staring in horror as she’s screaming at her mom saying she has to buy it now, as a large yellow puddle starts forming on the floor.”

“The mom walks up to the daughter no words, rips the tag off, stomps up to the counter, and pays for the dress. The daughter goes back into the fitting room to take the dress off. She comes out with it in a big wadded ball in her hands and sets it on the counter. (Yes still piss soaked.)”

“The mom grabs the daughter by the arm, tells me to throw the dress away, sorry for what she did, and left screaming at her daughter that she wasn’t going to prom. Of course being the retail worker, I cleaned up what I had to and left early that day. One of the most bizarre revenge instances I’ve ever witnessed to this day.”

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