Creepy Stuff People Swear They Experienced, But No One Believes Them

“I was walking to class from the dining hall on my campus when I saw a lady yelling for help and banging on a window of a nearby building.

Lots of people were walking past but I was the only one who seemed to acknowledge it. I went to the window to help and she told me she was locked in a room in the building and that she needed me to come in and open the door.

Now, I have no idea the layout of this building and where she was located. So I decided to call campus security for help despite her pleading with me not to call them and to just let her out. I call them and when I hear them coming I go to greet them so I can take them to the window.

I leave for maybe a maximum of fifteen seconds and when I return with campus security she is gone. We can’t see her at the window and campus security goes inside to double check and sure enough, there is no trace of her.

Campus security definitely thought I was crazy and I’m sure my professor thought I was full of sh@#t when I explained to him why I was late. No one seems to believe me that this happened but I swear it did.”

“I was 6 and remember playing in my room and my grandpa walks in and talks to me for a few minutes. After a bit, he gets up and tells me to “be a good girl for mom,” kisses me on the forehead, and walks out. Mom comes in about 5 minutes later, hysterical, and told me my grandpa had died overnight and we had to leave to go be with the family two states over where he lived.”

“Had my laptop in my bed just before going to sleep (not plugged in, on battery). Made an offhand comment on some website about how I wasn’t scared of ghosts and didn’t believe in them. Then I turned it off and went to sleep with the laptop beside me in my bed.

Next morning when I try to power it on, nothing happens. But the laptop feels unusually light. That’s when I realized the battery had been physically removed and placed in the kitchen. I was alone in my apartment and do not have a history of sleepwalking at all.”

“I saw a panther-sized black cat darting out of a water retention/artificial forest near a school in the desert. Logically, it shouldn’t be able to survive there but holy sh@#t I saw it. Animal control wouldn’t let that exist, there isn’t really food enough for it, and the summers get dangerously hot if you’ve got black fur. Must have been 4-5 feet long. It doesn’t make sense, but I 100% saw it, and so did the friend I was with.”

“In the same room of my old house, I have seen a convulsed face floating outside my window, my brother has also seen it too. I saw the same face over a number of periods and it would do stuff like smile and float closer and further from the glass.

Our youngest brother a few years later complained that he didn’t want to play with the boy in his room anymore as he was getting too much blood on his toys. It was the same room.”

“Myself, wife and kids were driving near some cliffs near where we live. We stopped to take in the view and some photos. I lined the kids up with the cliff drop and the ocean behind them and took some pics. As they took a step back for me to get a better picture, they fell of the edge of the cliff.

I woke up sweating and petrified, the nightmare felt so real, one of those that really stick with you. I went for a pee and checked in on all the kids, all fast asleep in bed, apart from my youngest 5-year-old daughter. She was on the floor, she had fallen out of bed but somehow was still sleeping. Next to her on the floor knocked over I assume when she fell was a bedside lamp. The bulb from the lamp had burnt/was singeing into the carpet I think ready to burst into flames.”

“I worked at a small gas station in my small town when I was in my late teens. I was stocking sodas around back in the storage room. A man startled me then apologized. He asked me for directions to Washington DC. I gave him the best directions I could. I sent him toward Philadelphia. He thanked me and went to his car. There was a kid about my age sitting in the passenger seat. He gave me the evilest stare I’ve ever seen.

They pulled off and I forgot about it and got back to work. I remember watching the news sometime later when they arrested the DC snipers. It was them for sure. Sent chills through my spine. I’m glad they spared me. I’ve only told a few people because I’m afraid people won’t believe me. It still makes me feel a bit uncomfortable when I think about it.”

“Two of my friends went permanently missing the night we did acid at one of their parent’s cabin in the Vermont wilderness. They were never found, dead or alive, the events that led up to it were kind of creepy, but honestly at this point, I can hardly discern between the real and imagined except that they really disappeared.

I was considered a suspect in their disappearance and while I definitely wouldn’t say no one believes me because their parents were very supportive of what I was going through and advocated on my behalf, I would never feel comfortable openly telling someone that something paranormal happened even though that is something I’ve at least considered.”

“Right after high school (class of ‘91) I got a contract job with the Forest Service. We traveled all over the West doing gopher control in re-planted clear cuts. The Gophers would eat the tender roots of the newly planted saplings, and we had to control them to give the trees a chance to get started.

We were returning to our hometown after a long job in Oregon, driving across the desert near a government lab. It’s about 3am, we’re going about 80 in a 55mph zone. Suddenly, a semi truck, completely blacked out, no lights at all, bombs past us on this stretch of highway like we were standing still. Then, two army style trucks, also blacked out. Scared the sh@#t out of us.

Got back to our hometown, told several people what we saw, no one would believe us. I still think they are doing freaky sh@#t out there in that desert lab. If we’d tried to chase them or anything, we probably would have disappeared.”

“My one weird thing was this: some friends and I were hanging out one summers Eve, we were around 15. It was night, clear, and we were all lying on my friend’s trampoline in the backyard. We were just all chatting and looking at the stars. Suddenly, we’re all like, what the f@#ck? Did you just see that? We all swore we saw a formation of stars trade places with each other.

They sort of left a tail, like a shooting star, before resettling in their new positions. They all moved at the exact same time. It was strange, three of us seemed to see the same thing.”

“I saw something crouched in the road driving around one night. Its eyes glowed when my headlights hit it so I assumed an animal of some sort, but when I got within about 15 feet of it, it stood up and looked like a girl standing there. I slammed on my brakes immediately, but suddenly the road was just empty. My friend in the car hadn’t seen anything but asked me a few minutes later if it looked like a girl. He’d apparently seen something similar with his sister a few weeks before in the exact same spot.”

“I was out with my friends and came home pretty late. I didn’t want my parents asking questions so I snuck in through the garage. The door was locked but I had a key. I turned the key to unlock it but then I heard an abrupt snap and the door locked again. I repeated this three times. Each time I unlocked the door, the door re-locked. Exasperated, I cried out, “Mom, it’s me!”

Then I heard the door unlock. I opened the door and no one was there.”

“My mother’s favorite animal was the hummingbird.

Last year, shortly after she passed away, a hummingbird came right up and looked at me as I was on my way to my car to go to work. Like a foot away, and just checked me out for a while and flew off to do hummingbird things.

Once I got to my car, I broke down. Just sat there in the driver’s seat and cried. I’d like to think my mom was somehow checking up on me. I know it’s silly, but for that moment I felt like she wasn’t gone and she was still there watching over me.”

“A light. I was alone on a forested, snow-covered mountain and there was a bright light just sitting in the middle of the trail. It was there all night. In the morning there was nothing there.”

“When I was very young, we lived in a house that had the usual “ghost” activity- hearing footsteps, hushed voices in the next room, etc. But the really cool thing was the basement door. It would open on its own. I’m not talking opening an inch or two when you closed another door nearby — I mean it would swing fully open like someone was walking through it. My parents tried locking the door and it would still swing open on its own.

By the time I was learning to walk, my dad was concerned I would fall down the steps, so he went down into the basement and just said, to no one in particular, that he had a young daughter upstairs and could they please be careful with the door. Ever since then, the basement door would open, and then slowly shut on its own.”

“When I was little (7 or 8), I woke up one night to a white dog sitting in the doorway of my bedroom. This was weird because we didn’t have a dog or any other indoor pets. While I watched it got up and went down the hall towards the living room. I got up, looked down the dark, empty hall and went the opposite direction to my parents’ room. I woke my mom up and told her there was a dog in the house.

She got up and we looked but didn’t find anything. She thought I was dreaming. At some point, when I was older, I found a picture of the dog my parents had when I was a baby. I learned from my mom that the dog often slept in my doorway, guarding my room. But the dog died before I was two. The dog in the picture was the dog I saw that night.”


My buddy and i spent the night repo’ing cars. We pull up to the light in Manchester NJ of 527 and 70. Going straight. In the left turn lane, getting on to 70 East, a blue, 97-98 Honda CRV.

The person driving had no face.

Just blank. Like the green man from Always Sunny or NoFace from Dick Tracy. My buddy and I both saw it. Nobody believed it.”

“I was in the Persian Gulf on the now-decommissioned ship USS NASSAU (LHA-4), working mids and performing a weather observation some time between 2-4 AM. I saw multiple lights begin to move through the sky faster than any I’ve ever seen before. Back and forth, almost too fast to track with my eyes (too fast to be an airplane, too fast to be a shooting star).

Then, suddenly, they came to center on the horizon, vibrated for a few seconds, and shot out of eyesight up into the sky. Still, the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“When I was younger and dumber, I was on a road trip the summer after my freshman year in college. I had been driving for maybe 5 or 6 hours straight without wearing my seatbelt. I then had a sudden urge to buckle my seatbelt. Less than 2 minutes later a driver crossed the centerline, clipped my car, causing a massive accident. My car rolled over and I walked away with bruises and scratches. I’m certain if I hadn’t followed that urge, I wouldn’t be here today. Still can’t explain why or how that happened.”

“Two years ago, I woke up around 1:00 AM thinking, “I can never go home again.” It was the most intense sense of homesickness I’ve ever experienced, full of panic and regret. I tried to calm myself down – logically, of course, I could. My parents lived just a couple hours away, still in my childhood home. I’d fought hard to get away from the suburb I grew up in, so why this sudden intense longing?

The next day, I got a call that my dad had been hospitalized during the night and was in the ICU. He didn’t make it out. And while the house is still there, it’s not home anymore.”

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