Cute Cartoon


  1. The comic is kinda sad…

  2. yeah… the cartoonist’s face was very sad D:

  3. Can some1 tell me who made this cartoon. Its very nice.

  4. The drawer kinda looks like me: depressed, and wanting a kid.

  5. I really like what this comic portrays, I just wish that there wasn’t a misspelling in it! It should be “Can I be smart too? ” instead of “Can I be smart to?”.

  6. *yea now give daddy some sugar*
    *no daddy what r u doing dont draw me naked*
    *SHUT UP WHORE I CAN DO WHAT EVER I WANT*(draws a tentacle violating her)

  7. Well, I really like this drawing because I like drawing stick figures. It’s amazing what you can do with art, no?

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