Dad Builds Insane Playhouse For His Daughters

A dad pulled out all the stops on this gorgeous, built-from-scratch playhouse for his daughters. The size and detail of this thing is insane.

Adam Boyd, the president of construction company ATB Building Inc., erected the two-story playhouse in their backyard.

The 24-foot tall house has a slide, swings, and even a rock wall.

This reminds me of my own childhood. When I was a kid and Vernon was drunk, I would hide under the covers and pretend I was in a playhouse just like this.

Boyd is now starting a new company called Spoiled Rotten Homes, which specializes in dream playhouses for children.

The ceilings are 8 feet tall and the walls are painted his daughters’ favorite colors. Avery chose dark purple while Violet chose, you guessed it, violet!

I had a tea set like this, too. Vernon broke it and gave me a football.

Boyd plans on adding a zipline sometime soon. “My wife and the girls went up there and ate lunch in it all summer. She’s a teacher so they spent a lot of time out there,” he told ABC News.

Drawing with chalk was the best. I was so good, mom and Vernon took me to this lady once a week and she would look at my drawings and ask me why I made them. I was better than this girl.

To be a kid again…

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