The “Dadbag” Gives You the Dad Bod That You’ve Always Wanted

The dad bod craze has hit our society hard. A couple months ago we not only told you that girls are enamored with the look on guys, but women are trying to adopt the look for themselves.

One guy wanted to mimic the look for guys that don’t necessarily have the perfectly sculpted dad bod so he created the DadBag–basically a fanny pack that gives off the look of a dad bod. The guy made it because he wants to have a dad bod but he’s concerned about the health risks associated with it.

Insert the DadBag and his problem is solved. Not only does it give you the look of the utterly sexy dad bod but it’s also very practical in that it stores all your dad necessities including beer and other necessities.

The proposed DadBag even gives the options for different beer belly looks.

It’s currently not available to buy but the guy making it is looking for partners to help manufacture and distribute it. More information HERE.

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