Dead Pregnant Whale With 48 Pounds Of Plastic In Stomach

A 26-foot whale found dead on the coast of Sardinia was pregnant and carrying more than 48 pounds of plastic, including disposable dishes, a corrugated tube, shopping bags and a detergent package with its bar code still visible.

Only a third of the whale’s stomach contents, about 12 kilogrammes, were squid beaks, the leftovers from its favourite food.

Italian environment minister, Sergio Costa, made a statement condemning the current use of disposable plastic:

This sperm whale was found dead in Porto Cervo in Sardinia: in the belly it had a fetus and 22kg of plastic … Is there still someone who says that these are not important problems? For me, yes, and they are priorities.

The marine litter (the litter of waste at sea) afflicts the whole marine world, not just Italy, of course, but every country in the world has the DUTY to apply the policies to contrast lo: not today never yesterday.

We have used in a light-hearted way the ‘comfort’ of the disposable in these years and today we are paying the consequences, indeed they are paying above all the animals.

Last month, a young whale was found dead in the Philippines with 40 kilograms of plastic bags in its stomach.

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