Deaf Abandoned Dog Learns Sign Language And I’m Definitely Not Crying

A ten-month-old deaf Staffordshire puppy named Ivor has had a rough start to say the least. After being abandoned by five different families, he finally reached the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). He had some trust issues, but thanks to the staff at RSPCA, Ivor has turned into a trusting and loving pup.

In December, Ivor finally found his forever home with Ellie Bromilow. She fell in love with the little guy despite his deafness and has been teaching him sign language ever since. Ivor had already learned “sit” and “come” from his time at RSPCA, but now knows “lie down”, “roll over”, and even “all gone”, because every dog needs to know when you’re out of food. Sorry bud!

Ellie has said that “having a deaf dog is just like having a hearing dog. We still speak to him as we sign and I chat to him a lot – even though he can’t hear a word”.

Plus, Ivor has a phenomenal sense of smell. She said “we use that (his sense of smell) for games to keep him occupied. We hide lots of treats around the house for him to find”.

You can check out Ivor’s sign language skills in the video above. What a good boy!

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