Dior Steals The Idea Of Romanian Traditional Clothing, Romanians Take Back What Was Always Theirs

Bihor is a small Romanian region filled with unique and beautiful cultural traditions

The people there are very proud of their traditional clothing designs

That distinguishes them from other cultures

However last year, when Dior’s pre-fall collection came out, people began to notice that some of their clothes looked oddly familiar

They bear a stunning similarity to the traditional Bihor jacket

Here are the clothes side by side

The similarities are striking

Dior is selling the clothes for 30,000 euros

However, none of the proceeds will go to Bihor’s community, as Dior never credited as their source of inspiration

To fight against cultural appropriation Romanian fashion magazine, Beau Monde, launched a wonderful campaign

With the help of native Bihor craftsmen and designers, they created a brand new fashion line Bihor Couture

The project allows fashion enthusiasts to buy authentic traditional Bihor clothing for a much cheaper price, while directly paying the local craftsmen who made the clothes

Watch the video below to hear what Bihor’s fashion critics have to say about Dior’s clothing

Here’s what people had to say about the issue:

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