Disney Visitors Shocked by Woman’s Gigantic BBL

BBLs are becoming increasingly popular, influenced by celebrities and social media stars inspiring many to travel to Turkey and spend thousands for enhanced curves. While most people only see these transformations online, visitors at Disneyland Paris recently witnessed it firsthand when Panamanian plus-size model Gracie Bon visited the park, capturing the reactions of onlookers on TikTok.

The video shows numerous spectators staring at Gracie’s body, with some even snapping photos. Gracie responded by uploading the video, urging people to stop body shaming: “It’s time we stop body shaming other people. I wanted to have fun with my siblings, but my day was ruined by all the people making fun of the size of my body.”

“The worst part is, they teach their kids to do the same,” she added. “They take photos of me, they give me bad looks all the time, or just kept laughing at me.”

She preemptively addressed critics, asserting that she embraces her natural body, saying, “It’s what God gave me, and I have to embrace every part of it.”

While her video carries a positive message, it is somewhat overshadowed by the numerous videos on her page with similar themes of “Nobody in [Disneyland Paris/Europe/insert location here]” can handle my body, leading some to speculate it’s more fetish content — her OnlyFans account reinforces this notion.

Gracie insists her body is completely natural, responding to skeptics with, “Mind you, the thighs match.” While this may be true, the heavily edited nature of much of her content makes it hard to be certain. As with anything on social media, it’s best to view with a degree of skepticism.

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