Do You Have Submechanophobia? (The Fear Of Submerged Human-Made Objects)

“Underwater Shark Statue At Lake Neuchâtel”

“This Used To Be A Boat, Now It’s A Island”

“Serpent D’océan In Saint-Brevin-Les-Pins, France”

“After 2300 Years Underwater, A Cache Of Ancient Relics Have Been Rediscovered Off The Coast Of Thonis-Heraclion In Egypt. They’ve Been Waiting, Watching”

“Hurricane Harvey. French Street In Lumberton, Tx. 9/3/2017”

“This Statue Of Poseidon In Spain”

“Venice Canal Giant Hands”

“Maryland National Harbor Statue ‘The Awakening”

“Retired NYC Subway Car Dumped Off The Coast As An Artificial Reef”

“Interior Of Shipwreck In Lake Superior”

“Silver Islet Mine Shafts Near Thunder Bay On”

“The Baltimore Harbor Tunnel. Ignore The Fact That You Are Already Driving Underwater. Drive Into The Underwater Water”

“A “Ghost Village” Resurfacing In Italy”

“Diving In A Sunken Plane”

“The Front Of The Titanic”

“Dragon Sculpture In The Lake Of Neuchâtel, Switzerland”

“German U-Boat Spotted From The Air”

“Many People Requested More Photos On My Original Post About The Last House Of Holland Island. So Here Are A Few More That I Find Unsettling…”

“Jet Star, A Rollercoaster In New Jersey That Was Literally Blown Into The Ocean During Hurricane Sandy”

“What A Submarine Escape Training Tower Looks Like”

“It Seems People Enjoyed My Last Post- Here Is Another One I Took Of The Coast Of O’ahu, Hawaii, Where A Tourist Submarine Came Upon As Out Of The Void While We Were Diving…”

“131 Ft Deep Swimming Pool In Padua, Italy. That “Landing Pad” At The Bottom Especially Freaks Me Out”

“Carnival Cruise Ships Being Scrapped”

“A Sunken Ship Called “World Discoverer” Before And After It Sunk”

“Church Of Potosi, Drowned Then Reappeared”

“Water Reservoir In Emmendingen, Bw, Germany”

“An Offshore Oil Rig Which Drifted To The Coast Of The Isle Of Lewis Due To Extreme Weather In 2016”

“Swimming Pool Aboard A Decommissioned Soviet Typhoon Class Submarine”

“In 2016 Riot Games Commissioned An Artificial Reef Of Their Character Nautilus And Placed It In The Ocean Of Brisbane, Australia. He Now Looks Like This”

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