Dumb Kids Do Pretty Dumb Stuff

“Mom Told Her Daughter To Grab Her Mask So They Can Go To The Store. This Was The Mask She Grabbed”

“My 5-Year-Old Nephew Figured Out I’m Still A “Kid””

“One Of My Earliest Memories”

“When The Photographer Says “Touch Your Cheeks Together””

“My Son Asked Me Why This Lady Is Reading Poop Magazine. I’m So Proud”

“Identically Unperturbed By What They Did To Themselves With The Clippers At 5am”

“Got New Doors Installed. He Doesn’t Realise One Of His Favorite Hide And Seek Spots Has Been Severely Compromised”

“My Son Found Sea Shells On His First Trip To The Beach. I Didn’t Have The Heart To Tell Him”

“When I Was 2 I Thought An Electrical Box Was A Robot. My Mom Let Me Take A Picture With It, And I Have Come Across That Picture Again”

“My 1,5-Year-Old Daughter, Ladies And Gentlemen”

“Kids In Rome Were Mischievous Too. Toddler’s Footprint In A 2000 Year Old Clay Tile”

“My Nephew Got A Card From His Teacher And Was Stoked. He Read It, Then Instead Of Showing Anybody, He Sat Pensively On The Couch For A While. Finally A Quiet Voice Asked “Auntie, How Long Have I Had Autism?””

“Okay All You “5G Risk Deniers” – This Settles It, 5G Is Dangerous”

“Someone’s Kid Hung Up The Wet Wipes To Allow Them To Dry”

“That Time I Figured Out How To Take The Lid Off Of The Vent, And Proceeded To Get Stuck In It”

“He Wants To Get On The Bus, And The Bus On The TV”

“My 3-Year-Old, Everybody”

“My Niece’s Hiding Spot”

“My Sister Drew On Her Passport”

“My Little Brother Grabbing Live Wasps Because “It’s Fun””

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