Thursday , 24 January 2019

Dying 59-year-old chimp radiates joy as she hears former caretaker’s voice

Meet Mama. Mama was a 59-year-old chimp and Matriarch of a colony located at the Royal Burgers Zoo in the Netherlands. In April of 2016, Mama was nearing the end of her spectacular life and likely sensed it as she refused to eat and fell ill. Mama had essentially accepted her fate.

Not wanting the leader of such a famous colony to pass away hungry, sick and stressed, her beloved former caretaker and friend Professor Jan van Hooff came to pay his last respects to her.

Being as sick as she was, it took Mama several moments to recognize Jan and his voice, but when she did her emotions were overwhelmingly clear as she embraced her old friend. The two had shared a bond since 1972.

The heartbreakingly beautiful hug took a great effort from Mama, but she held onto van Hooff as long as she could. The video below demonstrates the bond between man and animal.

Mama passed away one week later.


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