Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas – How to Make It Glamorous But Sustainable

Weddings can be a source of waste products that can be harmful to the environment. Yours doesn’t have to be the same as you can host an eco-friendly wedding. Having a green and sustainable wedding isn’t easy and will require the help of everyone involved.

However, it’s doable if you believe that a green wedding can also be glamorous and sustainable. Moreover, there are plenty of reasons to host a green wedding that reduces the amount of waste produced.

If you look through the wedding industry, you’ll realize that the couples are becoming more eco-conscious. Wedding trends are shifting in favor of green practices to cut down on cost. If you’re wondering where to start, here are some ideas to set you off the right path.

  • Eco-Friendly Venue

You can go green with your wedding reception by choosing an eco-conscious venue. The venue will most likely help with setup and disposal. As such, you should agree with them in advance about waste practices before you book for the wedding.

One of the ways of being eco-conscious when choosing a wedding venue is to consider the destination. It’s ideal to choose a site that’ll host the ceremony and reception. Strive to cut down on the distance people have to drive to reduce car emissions.


The venue plays a role in the waste removal process, as well as the setup. Choose a site that shares in your eco-friendly vision. Look for places that have Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design certifications.

It’s even better if they have Energy Star ratings. Check if the venue offers Wi-Fi communication to enable digital communication and cut down on paper communication.

Consider having your wedding in a nature preserve. Much of the decoration will be left to Mother Nature, providing you a backdrop for beautiful wedding photos.

  • Buy Drinks in Bulk

When it comes to drinks, buying individual bottles is not only expensive but also strenuous on the environment. You’ll have a large heap of beer bottles to dispose of or think of ways to recycle them. Instead of all this trouble, buy beer in bulk.

You can have it brewed and delivered to the reception venue in large beer cans. Alternatively, order some whiskey in real bourbon barrels and have the venue supply you with beer or whiskey glasses.

  • Locally Available Food

One of the things that strain the environment at a wedding is the menu. Most of the foods used in such events are commercially grown and contain a large amount of chemicals like pesticides. Most of them are also produced using too much water and travel long distances to reach your plate.

For them to still be fresh when they reach you, they’re exposed to harmful preservatives. You can eliminate all these non-organic options by opting for locally sourced foods. Transporting the food to the venue will cost less, and you’ll also support local businesses.

With this green option, you can plan your menu around foods in season. Look for a caterer that works exclusively with environmentally-friendly products, but be sure to also do your research.

  • Use Sustainably Grown Flowers

Most of the flowers used for décor at weddings are not organic. For your eco-friendly wedding theme, use the farm-to-table concept. Just like with your food options, use flowers that are locally available and in season.

If you want to use non-seasonal flowers, ensure that you source them from companies with VeriFlora certifications. Such grow companies without using chemicals and promote safe working conditions. You may also pick the flowers yourself if you want a simple DIY flower arrangement.

After the wedding, consider donating the flowers to hospitals or homeless centers.

Final Thoughts

As you plan your wedding, consider going the green way. Being eco-conscious means that you’ll produce less waste and be more considerate of the environment. A green wedding can be challenging to pull off, but with the right support and resources, you can do it.

Some good places to start with having a green wedding are the menu, flowers, and venue. It would be best if you sourced for locally available food and flowers, organically grown, and in season. Book a site that promotes your eco-friendly theme and, if possible, on that has an Energy Star rating.

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