Elderly Couple In Japan Recreated A Real-Life Totoro Bus Stop

Totoro, a furry character with a cult following, has a new home at this Japanese bus stop and everyone loves it.

This creative grandpa showed his excellent construction skills when making Totoro from scratch.

It’s time for layers upon layers of concrete.

Everyone involved seemed to be enjoying the process.

Say “cheese,” big boy—not much is left!

Then, Totoro was given some extra layers of bricks to make it all round and chubby.

After the sun goes down, the playful furry monster starts looking mysterious.

Totoro is standing tall and happy with his creators.

Their granddaughter is spirited away with joy!

What started as a surprise for the elderly couple’s grandchildren became an instant hit in the neighborhood.

Totoro’s bus stop is now the hottest tourist attraction in the area.

…and more people came to visit this big boy!

Totoro, could you spare some posing tips?

A blast from the past—Totoro became a hit after the movie My Neighbor Totoro aired in 1988.


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