Emma Watson Pictures


  1. Yes, she is a great actress! She’s one of my favorites. One of the few that are my age (born in the same month) and not actually a complete slut.

  2. She has a Farmer’s daughter body , nice meaty legs and toned muscles in her arms and legs. Which makes her good looking and pretty. Also she’s a TomBoy, which is good…

  3. There was nothing in the least risque about these photos, just a normal healthy girl being photographed doing nothing out of the ordinary. Lovely, really.

  4. None of these are risque you lying cunts!

  5. I think she is so cute 😛 although,,,, the one where she is holding the clock/mirror? thing,,, is a bit odd lol


  6. She’s just not a complete slut with you!!!

  7. 4th Picture down, she looks like she has a penis.

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