Evil Ferrero Rocher Prank Is So Genius It’s Hard To Not Fall For

Scottish singer Judy Brown knows this all too well and has a hilarious Christmas pastime: winding her father up. Taking advantage of his love for Ferrero Rocher chocolates, a deliciously sweet and nutty bite, she successfully pranked him back in 2016 by inserting rogue brussels sprouts in amongst his favorite treats, carefully wrapped as to avoid detection.

“I just wrapped the sprouts so he would open them (all sealed up as if new) and he was horrified to find the disgusting mini cabbages of doom,” Judy explained to Bored Panda. “What I also did that year, as I KNEW that when my brother arrived Dad would try to play the trick on him (you see where I get it from?) was I warned my bro and told him where the real Rocher were in the box – so every time he went for one he got real chocolate, but Dad kept landing on sprouts. That really wound him up.”

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