Examining Different Jobs From An Unconventional Standpoint

“Japanese rail workers built these special tunnels to help local turtles get home safely.”

“This teacher rescued a kitten… all while keeping class on schedule.”

“Every year my school’s librarian dresses up as a book reaper to collect overdue books.”

“So I hear you like it when cables are managed properly.”

“I requested a Nicholas Cage picture on my pillow at the hotel when I made my reservation. They decided to go all out.”

“These paramedics helped finish making dinner for the kids after taking their mother to the hospital…they even stayed and did the dishes.”

“Cyclists, Janez Brajkovič and Tomasz Marczyński shared a revealing snapshot of their leg muscles on Instagram.”

“Hard life for hands in a cement manufacturing plant! I’m a maintenance boilermaker and this is after a day working in the crap and dust. Choose your profession wisely kids.”

“These door handles match the professions of the workers in the buildings.”

“My arm after grinding fiberglass all day.”

“This hotel staff makes you a new best friend.”

“When you work in retail long enough, this begins to feel like a Zen garden.”

“This Iranian teacher goes to a hospital every day to help his sick student.”

“Some retail workers are a little too nice about their return policy.”

“A motel served me this breakfast tray for $15 and it has a toaster, and a 2 liter container of milk.”

“A restaurant serves French onion soup in a real onion.”

“This math teacher decided to help his kids get into the holiday spirit.”

“You should see what they can do in the seafood aisle.”

“This dog sitter left photographic proof.”

“Was bored at work, decided to draw the Kanto starters… using bacteria.”

“Fast-food workers go above and beyond to keep your food clean.”

“The overnight cashier at Walmart has too much down time.”

“After her patron spilled his drink, one waitress made him a customized cup.”

“Here’s to all the firefighters who give their all.”

Bonus: “After working 40+ hours per week waiting tables, I have finally earned enough money to pay for college this semester.”


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