Exploring Iconic Movie-Making Moments

Explore the creative process, uncover hidden movie-making secrets, and witness the magic that brings your favorite films to life.

“The Burns Twins Outside The Huge Maze On The Set Of ‘The Shining'”

“Behind The Scenes Of Quantum Of Solace (2008)”

“Behind The Scenes With Doc & Einstein On Back To The Future Part II”

“Dave Bautista And Michael Rooker Having Fun On The Set Of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy'”

“Carrie Fisher On A Train To Norway To Film Parts Of The Empire Strikes Back In 1979”

“Aliens – Setting Up The Shot (1986)”

“Alan Rickman Photographed Whilst Filming ‘Die Hard’ (1988)”

“Creating The Various Scales Used For The Arquillian Alien Effect On ‘Men In Black'”

“‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ (1981)”

“Magic In Harry Potter”

“Steven Spielberg Filmed E.t. In Chronological Order In Order To Help The Child Actors And To Capture The Most Real Emotions During The Ending, Since It Would Be The Last Time They’d All Be Together”

“Helena Bonham Carter On The Set Of Harry Potter”

“Chadwick Boseman On The Set Of ‘Avengers: Endgame'”

“The Podrace Crowd In The Phantom Menace Wasn’t Cgi – It’s A Load Of Colourful Q-Tips Pushed Through A Grate And Blown By A Fan”

“The Voices Of The Flintstones (1960s)”

“Eric Idle And George Harrison On The Set Of Life Of Brian (1978)”

“Filming ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Credit Roll (1980)”

“Stuart Freeborn, Creator Of Yoda In The Late 1970s”

“Behind The Scenes Of The Iconic Fight Scene Between Lucy Liu And Uma Thurman In ‘Kill Bill’ (2003)”

“Marlon Brando Before And After Getting His Make Up Done To Be Don Vito Corleone”

“Special Effects Master Douglas Trumbull On The Set Of Blade Runner (1982)”

“The Magic Behind Bb-8”

“Russell Crowe And Joaquin Phoenix Share A Joke While Filming Their Final Duel For Gladiator (1999)”


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