Exploring The Jobs Market In Calgary

Whether you’re considering moving or you’re simply curious about Calgary, the job market in an area can decide so many other things about it.  Calgary is no different, with its top markets being tied nearly directly to its history and culture.

These are the top things to know about the job market in Calgary and why it’s continuing to change and grow!

Aerospace and Agriculture are King

When looking at the main industries in Calgary, aerospace engineering and agriculture are kings.  This city is surrounded by massive swaths of land that allow for big construction and farming work to succeed.  Both fields work year-round and offer incredibly competitive rates for payment.

Farming is one of the largest parts of Calgary’s history since it started out as an agricultural area, and aerospace work allows this city to show it’s serious about building a great future.

Energy and Financial Services Follow

Behind the two big industries of aerospace and agriculture, financial services and energy come hand in hand.  Calgary is known as the energy heart of Canada, offering more oil than most other cities and working hard to keep the incredible finances tied to this under control.  These are fantastic markets to work in.

The Pay Is Higher Than the National Average

Pay here is better than you’d expect!  The average worker makes nearly $10,000 more in Calgary than they do in most of Canada.  This money, when paired with how affordable the area is, gets stretched further and fed back into the economy quickly, which helps Calgary grow stronger.

The larger pay also ensures people can take the time to take care of themselves and their personal life, which ensures they don’t bring that into the office and disrupt work.

Living Is More Affordable Than Most Large Cities

Calgary homes for sale are more affordable than most properties yet still offer a ton of space and great updated details.  Being cheap is a vital part of what makes the job market in Calgary thrive.  Workers can afford to live off of the work they do, which means they can pick a career they’re passionate about, which allows them to create the best results possible.

The University of Oxford found that workers that are happy, the way those in Calgary are, end up being 13% more effective and productive than their peers.  This helps the businesses thrive, which in turn, allows the employees to do even better.

The City Skews Younger

Although many cities will skew younger in age, Calgary sits in the early thirties.  This is fantastic if you’re that age or younger since you can still really stand out.  If you’re older than this, don’t despair!

There’s a lot of room for growth in most industries here, so you have the chance to quickly climb the corporate ladder instead of being stuck at the same level as people far younger than you.  Experience and education help allow you to work to the top.

Calgary Can Be the Perfect Career Starter

Whether you’re ready to start a new career or you want to improve the job you’re currently in; there’s a lot of growth waiting for you in Calgary!  This city has a little something for everyone, so start exploring soon!

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