Facts So Short You Can Actually Remember Them

Birds don’t have a urethra so everything goes out the rear.

To feel the same effect of a cigarette, you’d have to eat about 20 pounds of eggplant.

The average amount found in the human body is 0.2 milligrams.

Being 98% water can be a bad thing if you get stranded on the beach.

Horses bodies aren’t built in a way for them to vomit.

Over the years, about two dozen people have voiced Sally. Fergie voiced Charlie Brown’s sister in the ’80s before she was known for her music.

In Hong Kong, you can get a wedding package ranging from $373-$1,290.

To keep those teeth clean they’ll use things they find in the wild like grass or bird feathers.

Along with walruses, elephants, and porcupines.

But did you know raspberries and strawberries are not?

Lighters were invented in 1823, 3 years before the match.

Sharks are about 400 million years old and trees are about 350 million years old.

Studies reveal yelling words like “Fuck” can help calm people down.

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