Facts That Sound Pretty Weird


  1. 11,500*24*365 = 100,740,000

    So people kill over 100,000,000 sharks per year?

    I call BS.

  2. Umm, xenophobia is a mental illness. To say that a certain group of people are “more likely to be xenophobia” is like saying that smoking cigarettes makes you “more likely to be cancer”. A person can HAVE xenophobia, but a person cannot BE xenophobia.

  3. RE soda vs meth: The primary problem with meth is not what it does to your teeth, but what it does to your brain. A sponge will float in gasoline just like it will float in water, but that doesn’t mean you should drink gasoline or try to fuel your car with water.

  4. Who “calculated” that $135 billion would “solve global poverty” and how? The UN says that 3 billion people live in poverty. So $45 per poor person would solve the problem? That seems … unlikely.

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