Faith In Humanity Restored Vol.14

These wonderful photos will restore your faith in humanity and remind you that perhaps we aren’t all that bad, after all. An act of kindness that you ask people to pay forward instead of back can travel a long, long way!

“I played 300+ online games together with this woman and today I finally met her in person.”

“My son has parked his bike by this lamppost every day for the last year. This morning, this sticker appeared.”

“Please help yourself to a flower as we celebrate and remember our mom, Connie, on her birthday.”

“The first move my son made after waking up from a 2-month coma was reaching for his favorite dino.”

This Beer company in Manitoba donates $1 to The St.Amant Centre for Autism when you buy a can of this beer.

This man who only has vision in one eye, bought this dog that was born with one eye that no one else wanted.

“This was under my windshield wiper at work today. Thank you, stranger, I needed this.”

The way this puppy sleeps.

“My niece and her great-great-grandmother, born on the same day, 98 years apart.”

“Our 3-day-old baby chicks are enjoying the warmth from a coffee mug.”

Pro Football player takes teen with Down Syndrome to her prom.

Brock Boeser of the Vancouver Canucks does the same.

“I was having a really bad morning until this baby reached out to me and smiled.”

“My grandma got a fidget spinner for her 85th birthday.”



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