Family Photos Don’t Always Go As Planned

“So I heard you guys like awkward family photos and pictures of pets… Well, check this out.”

“Tried to look talented in the background of a family portrait. Failed.”

“At first, we didn’t get why the photographer stopped taking pictures and fell on the ground laughing. We sent this photo to our relatives.”

“One day, back in ’81 or so, MawMaw thought it would be a good idea for us to all enjoy a few glasses of her fermented ‘friendship punch’ before heading down to the photo studio.”

“I don’t remember what was in the box. Some pants, I hope.”

“Family photo from last fall: we had to physically restrain my little brother, and when he finally got to jump, the photographer caught this gem.”

“Met Jasmine today. We don’t have kids…”

“My grandparents’ first time at a Japanese restaurant.”

“My little brother’s timing was always a little off…”

“I think this is the only family portrait we have. It’s very important to me!”

“It was Grandparents’ Day at their church, so they wanted us to haul the kids down for the service. Our son’s friend came along with us. After the service, there was a photo booth for grandparents to get their picture taken with their grandkids. There was also a large container of props available to use. Our daughter absolutely hates getting her picture taken, and the boys are raising hell (in church!) with a dinosaur puppet and small toilet plunger. Priceless.”

“My mother, the bird whisperer, 1970”

“This is us with our baby. We are so proud. I guess.”

“My boss, who has 6 kids, captured every sibling relationship dynamic in one Christmas photo.”

“My older son went to kindergarten, and the younger one was looking at him through the window. You have to see his face!”

“Mom got friend-zoned by Dad.”

“Feeding time!”

“Dad didn’t have much luck in the arm wrestling circuit, but he has high hopes for his boy.”

That moment when you realize you’re now the middle child:

“We tried to get some nice pictures together at Oktoberfest near Portland, OR.”

“My very favorite picture of my father. He’s the one that set the camera’s timer.”

“With my daughter and grandchildren at Virginia Beach. Took this photo and noticed the background later!”

“Dad uncovered this gem from my high school graduation. I wish I could say we staged this…”

“So my sis wanted a silly family photo…”

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