Four Best Anal Sex Toys for Beginners 

There’s also a common misconception that anal play cannot be as enjoyable and delightful as its vaginal counterpart. But that’s often because lots of those who try this type of sex fail to prepare their bum holes properly.

If you want to try anal sex but don’t know where to start, today’s post is exactly what you need. Below are some great types of anal toys that will help you to get past the weird sensations, which might be commonplace in newbies, and develop a taste for anal sex.

#1 Butt Plugs 

Nobody is born an anal play aficionado. So, if your goal is to start experiencing backdoor pleasures in the near future, you should start with appropriate training. And that’s where a quality butt plug comes in handy!

Anal plugs are exceptionally great against the back of the vagina or prostate, which can help you achieve a more intense and long-lasting orgasm. They also warm-up your ‘other’

If you’re new to using anal plugs, you want to start with a smaller accessory. A petite tapered glass plug would be the best option for beginners who want to start experiencing bomb anal orgasms as soon as possible. What’s more, with the right beginner’s kit you can experiment with sizes and temperatures! Once you find your feet in your fascinating backdoor undertaking, you may crave for more textured and bulbous objects and massive sizes. Anal Dildos

#2 Anal Dildos 

Another great anal boudoir staple is a dildo, of course.

The best anal dildo is the one that fits well into your back alley and enables you to elevate your playtime to new heights. So, it’s necessary to put enough time and effort into selecting the right model that can suit your physiological and sexual needs.

Most beginners would go for the models that provide a light tease in the ass. If you’re not a seasoned player, chances are you’ll also want to start small and slow. Still, if your butthole has already received sufficient training, you can go bold with the dildos that feature additional ribs, curves, and tilts.

While newbies might be better off using traditional toys made from soft silicone, aficionados can also try out different sizes and materials, e.g., glass, metal, or even wood for kinkier experiences.

Vibrating anal dildos can spice up your sex routine ever further by offering mind-blowing sensations. And while these babies are primarily intended for thrusting, they can be a win-win choice for stationary anal stimulation, as well. Just insert your toy all the way and let its fantastic vibrations do the job. You’ll definitely fall in love with the buzz!

#3 Prostate Massagers  

Speaking of pleasant vibrations! If you’re on the hunt for a cool sex toy that can knead your prostate, you can’t go wrong with a prostate massager.

Lots of men appreciate prostate massagers’ ease of use, convenience, and magic power that enables them to experience the strongest orgasms. Gentle yet firm enough, prostate massagers are perfectly shaped to target the right spots in your horny hole. You can also go hard against your P-spot by twisting, thrusting, or rotating your little guy.

#4 Anal Beads 

It would be criminal not to mention anal beads on this list. Start your anal journey with skinny beads and work your way up! The most popular toys feature visually attractive bulbs or cylinders fixed on a cord or a sturdy material and are designed to be gradually inserted into your butthole one by one and then taken out to amp up your feelings. As for the rigid anal beads, they can be used just like a normal anal dildo. You can move your toy back and forth, slide it out and then reinsert it until you achieve a climax of a lifetime. To maximize your sensations, take the beads out of your anus when cumming.

Unlike their other counterparts like dildos or prostate massagers, anal beads shouldn’t play first fiddle in your bedroom. They can be a great addition to a vaginal sex as they enhance penis penetration and clitoral stimulation. Anal beads can also help you warm-up and make the overall outercourse process spicier and more exciting.

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