Gan Lulu. Chinese Sexy Internet Sensation

Gan Lulu is now one of the most googled girls in the Chinese part of Internet. This time last year no one actually knew her. She was just an ordinary girl living by her mother in Beijing. Last February Gan Lulu’s mom took a video of her taking a shower and posted it to Youtube. The mother was saying that her daughter Gan would turn 26 year old this year and she still didn’t have a boyfriend and never had one. Two weeks later Gan Lulu became an Internet celebrity. Her photos have been published in all major Chinese magazines, she was invited to dozens of TV shows. But I still wonder why Gan Lulu couldn’t find a boyfriend without the help of her mother. Because she is really cute. Here are 52 photos of Gan Lulu. The first one is the still from the video that made her famous.






















  1. I LIKE THIS …………..

  2. Laughing Her Ass Off At This Bitch

    LMFAO Serously?? That’s just damn well pathetic. Only reason she’s famous now, is cause her stupid worthless mom wants to get her a boyfriend? So, what, post a video of her showering? That’s such a whorish thing to do, seriously. I wouldn’t date that slut if she was the last ‘girl’ on earth. The only reason anyone would wanna get with her, is cause of all the provocative pictures that have been posted of her. She’s seriously, a fucking no body LMFAO!!! I didn’t even know about her till I came across a random stupid article about her. Pretty fucking pathetically sad that the only reason this bitch is famous, is cause of a shower video her ‘mom’ put on the internet. Seriously, you can’t get a man the normal way, then don’t fucking bother at all. All she’s doing is whoring herself out to people. *just fucking laughs* Yeah, make yourself look even uglier to the people who actually DON’T need to put shower videos of themselves on the internet just to get a girl. Seriously??? LMFAO!!! She’s fucking UGLY cause of this, and anyone who finds her attractive is as shallow as her and her mom LMFAO. “I’m gonna get my daughter a boyfriend by posting a shower video of her online”……Yyeeahhh…..give way to stalkers, ya dumb Chinese retard. Figures it’s one of them lmfao……

  3. i am crazy about chinese Girls.

  4. really like the chinese Girls

  5. not bad at all for the new comer

  6. BOOBSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just sayin’

  7. While I do fundamentally agree that it is pathetic….’Laughing Her Ass Off At This Bitch’ is far far worse, a pathetic racist internet tough bitch….

    And honestly any guy who says he wouldnt sleep with this Chinese girl is either a liar or needs to be put in a room with her for an hour and then talk. Pathetic as she may be… cant fight nature

  8. Sorta cute.

    The crazy bitch in the 3rd post (dec 19) must be one of those cunts jealous of all the attention. You can practically feel the butthurt radiating from the wall of text. Sounds like your typical ‘murkan trashtalking ghetto cumdumpster.

  9. wow so amazing pic, too sexy

  10. Still single? Totally gorgeous, see the ones with the black lingerie? Farkkk, how does a girl like this not have 100 guys a day approaching her… must be picky

  11. Seriously! Did you guys see her belly. That is nasty. She has never had a man, but it looks like she had a baby in there. So much flab. Besides, if you have ever lived in China you would know that those are silicone. No girl here has boobs like that.

    My man likes boobs towering over a lean stomach. Not two rubbers over a flab heap…

  12. Publicity stunt, no boyfriend is clearly just added onto get even mnore attention whore pointrs.

  13. lol her mother is like saying “Come Fuck my daughter everyday she is still a virgin”

  14. kim kardashian of asia?

  15. i love asian women and my pick will be Gan Lulu ho ho

  16. srsly ?? c mon she is such a slut a swell as her mother…….prostitudes… can a mother do this ??….d girl is as sick a bamboo

  17. this is an old story in CHINA

  18. yUck!!! Her Mother is A whOre….
    Hoe cud she do dis tO her Daughter????? thAt was SiCK!!!! rEAlly Sick!!!
    iS thEre anY nOrmAl pErson eVer pOst a vidEo of a showering dAughter????

    ab noRmal bITCH!!!!!!

    A slut!!! wAtEVer yOu cAll hEr only sHe deservEs!!!!!

    A A hyPocRat!!!!

  19. The reason why she don’t have any boyfriend because she is a bitch…and no man would like to be her boyfriend! fuck friend maybe…… I want to fuck this bitch but i don’t want her to be my girlfriend…. She is a WHORE and WHORES just want to stole your money then leave you with nothing!

  20. Is it true her mother took pics of her in shower? Dunno
    Was it her mother that posted them on youtube? Dunno

    Attractive? Yeap, better than what I’ve got
    Sexy lookin? Yeap, betta than what I’ve got
    Sexy pics? Yeap, designed to lure you

    The reality? For crying out loud – Don’t you guys get it?

    All she’s after is a ticket out of China into any western country – By marrying most promising contender, hopefully well endowed with cash/assets – After snaring some idiot, she’ll work on getting her mother and/or rest of family out of China (probably into Stateside) – When that’s accomplished, she’ll leave said contender now hubby – IF he’s a thorough idiot, leave him with half his fortune

    Do I blame her or her mother? NO! They’re only trying to better their lives!

    If you like her that much … go jerk yourself off … beta still … go fool yourself and marry her and see how long that will last for!

  21. The funny thing is, she’s a model and actress in China. Do you guys not EVER do background work? Single, yes, poor, well, ask her Porsche Cayenne.

  22. Looks like she got herself a boob job with the money from the tv shows. She’s pretty, but I seriously don’t believe she’s never had a boyfriend. She knows how to come across as provocative and sexy, so I’d guess she just hid all her boyfriends from her mom because they weren’t marriage material.

  23. Well, she’s completely nothing compared with Li Ying Zhi!

  24. The first time i sow this picture, she looked like an innocent woman with a feel of a natural beauty…

  25. I just spent three months ALL OVER China and the bitches do not look like this, they are flat chested, legs like fucking tree trunks and fuck-ugly. Don’t forget this cunt is all silicone and photoshop!

  26. honestly, she look like a she gay. 😀 maybe that’s why she never had a boyfriend before the shower incident. :))


  28. I guess you can’t call clients “boyfriends”.

    Get real, she’s obviously for sale. Attention-seeking whore with silicon bags.

  29. I am laughing as well

    People who say they like chinese girls after seeing this are stupid or ignorant: go to China; real chinese girls aren’t like that at all. this chick has surgery all over and her face looks totally western. And all she does is showing her boobs. Pathetic, whory and ugly.

  30. the mom filming her shower was a publicity stunt

    how stupid do you have to be ot think a mom would do that just to get a boyfriend…

    but it is true that i too would like to “gan” lulu (gan in chinese can also mean fuck 😉

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