Giant Potato In Idaho Transformed Into Airbnb

Airbnb has a new ‘giant’ listing and it offers people the chance to sleep inside a potato like delicious stuffing.

The giant spud was not always a delicious place to slumber and began as a promotional tool for the Idaho Potato Commission. On the back of a semi- truck, the potato had toured across the United States to advertise the state’s most famous crop, with the now owner of the vegetable Airbnb right alongside it. “Proud Idahoan,” Kristie Wolfe told, “I was a spokesperson that traveled with the potato on the truck for two seasons when it was new back in 2013 and 2014. The truck was only supposed to travel for a year but ended up traveling for eight before they upgraded to a new slightly smaller fiberglass version this year. So I knew it was my opportunity.” The Idaho Potato Museum had shown interest in putting it on display – but Wolfe was determined to transform it into something cooler.

No stranger to uncommon Airbnb renovation projects, she said she had previous experience designing “unique vacation rentals.” Wolfe’s accomplishments include a treehouse she built in Hawaii and a “hobbit hole” listed in Washington. As for her own hometown, she adds, “I restored a fire lookout tower in the Idaho Panhandle.”

Other than the exterior essentially everything inside is Wolfe’s own creation: “I build everything. My mom and little sister were super helpful the last week big push to finish. I’m not hiring subcontractors and things like that. On this project, I did hire somebody to spray foam the walls inside of the potato.” The project took 30 days of straight work.

For the tasty luxury of spending the night in this high-carb creation, it will cost visitors $200 a night plus $42 in taxes and fees. The space is ideal for couples, and spans 336 square feet.Looking at the rugged, farm exterior visitors may be surprised to discover that the interior design is very minimalistic, modern and chic.

The DIY enthusiast was responsible for all of the interior decorating and employed space-saving strategies that one finds in many tiny homes so that every essential design features can fit.

Wolfe made the most of the space inside and the plush decor is truly eye-catching, however, visitors should be aware that while they are living inside a potato, there is no kitchen to cook any potatoes – so bring snacks or prepare to eat at restaurants in Boise.

This verified Airbnb host still provides services to make this a deluxe experience, which includes towels, bed sheets, soap, and toilet paper for each guest.

All the cozy decor makes up for some of the features one might miss in a larger more traditional space, such as windows. But don’t worry you won’t get fried there is air-conditioning installed inside.

During the colder months, visitors can warm their hands by the working fireplace set up, talk about a baked potato.

Despite its small size, the potato has all the necessary plumbing one needs for a comfortable stay, which includes a wash bin set-up with hot and cold water along with a toilet – the bathroom is even decked out with potted plants.

For those looking to escape the stress of modern life, this is the perfect location as there is no Wi-Fi or TV inside the potato.

The hotel has open dates for guests beginning at the end of May. Wolfe said she has been shocked by the response, “My other places are really beautiful and well this is a potato…I’ve been dying to get my hands on it for seven years, but I am a little Idaho/potato obsessed.  I expected that this one might take a little bit longer to catch on than my other rentals because everybody has always wanted to stay in a treehouse or Hobbit Hole but nobody has ever thought of staying in a potato – I was so wrong!” For anyone out there who has ideas for an Airbnb, the owner says, “My advice would be that whatever your idea is it’s not too weird!”

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